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Jepara mebel.com is an online service to sell furniture in Jepara, Central Java, in cooperation with the direct-furniture makers. Number one quality teak wood carved by craftsmen with Jepara Jepara is a typical motif as our guarantee. Furniture stores, retail markup is often very high prices, it is because the adjustment costs that are not available to us. And we also provide sales mahogany furniture, and teak finishes and Unfinish in the form of auction,,  Often we find that advertisement claims that the prices offered by low prices or do not have more than low prices. Yesterday was the impetus for us to be duping the buyer, the buyer finally deceived by these ads because they have no other information options.


karya anak bangsa

National children's work is made from teak wood which officially issued by the Indonesian government, all local indigenous workers from the town of Jepara is famous for its furniture and carvings to all corners of the globe. Furniture production from the town of Jepara is famous for its design and strong kontruksinya. Our company has working relationships with major countries like the Netherlands, Italy, America, Germany, UK and many more who lain.Kami still open the door to be able to establish a working relationship with your company or your personal. We look forward to your visit in Indonesia, Central Java, Jepara.Our products include: Indoor Furniture (teak and mahogany / Finish and unfinish, rustic) and Out Door (Garden)



1. Location:
Location is in the Hamlet legend Sonder, Tulakan Village, District Keling. Speakers of this legend is H. Muh, Kadesh (official,) village.

2. Legend's story
At the end of the century ¬ ± 14 Nyai Langgeng or often known as the Queen Kalinyamat that have the silk in Mantingan, near Jepara in power. In 1549 her husband, named Sultan killed by the Aryan Penangsang attendees. For revenge, the Queen Kalinyamat topo Broto demanding justice. Wandering (Lelono) everywhere, from several places already visited or that match is in Hamlet Tulakan Sonder village, Keling Jepara. In that place he Bronto topo, topo wudo, ie leave the palace clothes (as usual) until he successfully for years.
Queen Kalinyamat this beautiful illustrated meditation site berbalutkan only with long hair. He pleaded for help from God in order to wreak vengeance against Aryo Penangsang kesumatnya, one of the favorite pupil of Sunan Kudus. This revenge Kalinyamat chest because her husband, had been viciously murdered by Aryo Penangsang. He had vowed, Äùora pisan-saka pisan Ingsun jengkar Ingsun yen Durung tapa iso lan kramas getihe jambule Aryo Penangsang Chesed, AU (He will not stop the behavior tapanya if not shampoo your hair with blood Aryo Penangsang).
Finally, vindictive hatred of Queen Kalinyamat already retaliated. Aryo Penangsang killed in a battle with Sutowijo Danang, who later founded the kingdom of Mataram. The battle took place near the river Kedung Srengenge, in a fierce duel is Aryo Penangsang tragically killed with his own intestines spilled by his kris.
Queen tapa behavior Kalinyamat with his vow that Tulakan interpreted by villagers as a form of loyalty, love, and devotion to the queen to her husband. He is a high awareness and keiikhlasannya willing to leave the glitter of court life from before and until now to be imprisoned in that place until Crest Uwanen will not escape from the hermitage. Then a charity of the earth, whose name Ceremony Jembul Tulakan village. Until well-known in the village Tulakan, Queen Kalinyamat meditated very long that his hair was buried there.
At the public ceremony is held there suri tuladan jembul (alms earth) as a sign of thanksgiving every year, a sign of honor. Thanksgiving was made since the first generations. On Friday nights filled Wage pilgrims who come from different regions around Jepara. The pilgrims most of the women who want naturally beautiful, like the Queen Kalinyamat. Condition, they must first bathe in the creek in a former monastery near the site, which was followed by selling tapas or meditation for 40 days.
The story continues to the end of their hermitage remembered and held charity events earth became a ritual every year. Alms earth still held, if less is sometimes delayed financial year ahead, but still held Monday Pahingnya.

Outsiders who dimimpini to build to that place. Every Fri, Äôat Wage, there are people who make pilgrimages. There, he berdo, aoa on Allah Ta'ala. Do, Äôanya there are granted, through berdo, aoa there and then he willingly gave up millions to help build the place.
Activities conducted in a place that no pantanganya. There is no prohibition, but to maintain the perpetuity of tree felling is prohibited. Pilgrim must ablutions beforehand berwudlu). Ban on felling of trees since 1989, before many are cut down for building and then made the rules. Community support, community awareness, there is no custody when a tree felled.
Being a place of pilgrimage of people, from mouth to mouth, from a woman he said the place was dirty but did not previously exist or the net. There are values that tertanan in place. Uri-uri parents, automatically remember the past struggles, every Fri, Äôat Ludong Tuo. In addition to uniting the people (alms earth) community.
Alms berdo earth, aoa to safety earth is connected with the ruins kok. The story came Nyai Rono at Fri, Äôat Wage (manganan) Sunday night the Prophet, Monday morning tribute, for relocation to Monday Pahing unclear.
At charity event berdo, aoa requested security, Queen Kalinyamat, Sunan Kalijaga, all called. Activity event is the decoration ceremony Jembul irat-thin strip of bamboo into three, on top of random (where the food is made from bamboo, which is a rice and side dishes). The food was from our parents. From uratan hour sorted to come one by one after a complete new ceremonial occasions.
First there Tayuban and so forth, there Danyang Danyang, etc., held the arts, held Wiji, Äôan. The top brass their feet cleaned with water, during which all the officers one by one so that everyone could do good. After that, they surround (muteri) 4 jembul as much as three times that. With it so that higher-ups want a society. Four jembul signifies a kind of offerings that represent the four regions and there are hundreds of others.
There is an interesting story that is self cleaning, there are people who numbered in the thousands. If not held will be crowded, there is a link to the condition, if you provide the cost up to USD $ 25,000,000.00. Jembul never replaced, replaced one by one, but they have returned to the customary dulu.untuk utilize events / activities of government such as the United Nations, August 17, principal activities of the government's family planning example presented there, the bird flu.
With such activity, the utilization of activities for the village was named as tourism here, even referred to district community can change the environment Keling gathered into one.
Muslim communities, events leading to shirk, such as dancing, brass miji times come round, pinched (dijiwit) that is not permissible because the cleaning jogetnya. There used to be puppets Tayuban overnight and then replaced to reduce it. Islamic community realizes there is no turbulence, which still held to the culture.
On activities that can be used as means of buying and selling crops. The results of the earth centered here, but the new character of individuals (the population of the region itself). Obtaining inkam from year to year which brought millions of people every day for example is called increasing.

Now for the younger generation. Young people continued to support activities carried out by maintaining (nguri-nguri) our predecessors, which consists of Muspika, regents, and his deputy.
Event from morning Fri, Äôat Wage (manganan) standard activities, like drizzle in the trust tree in the cool and calm because pilkades choice. At the election of officers is very calm, cool, serene as a marker. (The interviews in the home village officials Mr. H. Abdul Aziz village head)


History and Legend of Mantingan Mosque and Grave

Mantingan Mosque and grave are located in Mantingan village, Tahunan sub-district, 5 km Southward Jepara town centre. This village is well know as a village where Sultan Hadiri and his wife, queen Kalinyamat were buried. Sultan Hadiri was a Moslem leader who spread Islamic knowledge in the North coast. The Mantingan Mosque was the second Mosque after great Mosque of Demak.
Reaching this Mosque and grave is quite easy, because public transportation in available. The people of Mantingan are mostly Moslem and work in furniture industry.

Stated above that the Mantingan Mosque was the second Mosque. The Mosque was built in 1481 S equel to 1559 C according to statement stated inside the Mosque “ RUPA BRAHMANA WANASARI” written by son R. Muhayat names R. Toyib. In the beginning R. Toyib studied Islamic knowledge in mecca and Cina after finishing the study, he then moved Jepara. R. Toyib married Ratu Kalinyamat (Retno Kencono), a daughter of Sultan Trenggono
from Demak kingdom. He then was callet “Sultan Hadiri” and throned as ‘Adipati Jepara’ until he passed away and finally was buried beside the Mosque which he had built.
In the graveyard area, his wife and his Chinese relative named CIE GWI GWAN were also buried. The graveyard fully crowdedat “Khol” (the day where people commemorate the death of Sultan Hadiri’s death) also at ceremonial moment to change banner covered the Sultan’s tomb. This ceremonial moment is held once a year at 17 Robiul Awal (month of Moslem calendar), same with the date of Jepara anniversary
The grave is believed by many people that has magical power. Husband and wife who haven’t got any child yet supposed to visit the grave yard and pick some fallen pace fruits. The ‘Pace’ fruit then has to be eaten by the husband and wife, if god may permit, the husband and wife will get baby.
Another magical power in this grave is the holy water, local people believe that the water used to get the truth of someone. Jeparanase people use this water when they are facing a problem by drinking the water, but it’s just a belief, you may believe or not.